Diego Luna Quintanilla

Diego is a designer and urban planner with a sharp eye for the politics of space. What distinguishes ‘place’ from ‘space’ is an invisible socio-cultural veneer – making all the difference in how we engage with our physical environment.   Diego began his career as an architect in Venezuela however moved quickly into urbanism to explore how democracy manifests in space.  Social networks and political processes are a significant force shaping our urban environment and can be used for or against the common good. The language of design therefore can become a tool or weapon.  Diego brings a curious eye for detail, patience in understanding the socio-cultural conditions of place and a great skill for inclusive design.

Diego Luna Quintanilla (°1981, Pamplona, Colombia) received his Architect Diploma in Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela (2005) and gained a Postgraduate MSc in Urbanism in 2011 from TU Delft. Diego is an urban designer and planner at BUUR* (BUreau for URbanism), involved in a vast range of high profile and complex regional and urban projects in Brussels and Flanders. Diego edits the Brussels Newsroom*.