Elena Maccioni

Elena is an EU policy specialist focusing on how high level policy hits the ground. Governance and policy is a messy tool – especially at a European level where big and small levels of government rarely sing from the same song-sheet.  Worse still is where local agricultural actors don’t get support for or access to necessary tools to adapt to new technology, evolving markets, EU policy or the changing demands of a rural workforce.  Elena brings a perspective of both the bigger picture and life on the ground, particularly looking at practical application of policy and the Regional Development Funds.  She has great patience and a tender heart: both essential qualities for dealing with changes to traditional industries such as agriculture.

Elena has a background in European agricultural policy and is a policy analyst at the European Network or Rural Development*.   Her career began in Rome then moved to Wageningen to study European Policy.  She is currently based in Brussels where she looks at the practical application of EU policy such as the LEADER programme.