Eva-Maria Stumpp

Eva-Maria is a researcher and spatial planner,  working mainly on the urban-regional level with expertise in governance processes.  She seeks to connect expert and local knowledge and local values for negotiating between place specific short-term needs and long term sustainability goals. Her approach is based on system thinking and joint problem framing.  She has worked on inter- and transdisciplinary projects tackling urban re-generation, sustainable development and climate change adaption from neighbourhood to regional scale, in the public and private sector in Germany and Ireland.

Having studied Architecture and Urbanism in Stuttgart and Delft, and with a strong background in Planning Theory and Methodology for solving ‘complex problems’, Eva-Maria’s main interest is in tools and methodologies for tackling the complexity of systemic thinking without over-simplifying reality and environmental interdependencies. Her doctoral research with the University of Stuttgart’s Urban Planning Institute*, focuses on the interface between the descriptive-analytical concept of ‘resilience’ and the normative concept of ‘sustainability’ and related issues for planning theory and practice.

Eva-Maria is a researcher at University of Stuttgart since 2008. She is affiliated with the Institute for Landscape Planning and Ecology* since 2011, working on the interface between spatial planning and sustainability science. She is co-ordinating the ‘Integration’ work package of the FP7 project TURAS* Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability and is a co-founder of the OSMOS Network. Eva-Maria is based in Stuttgart (DE).

Email: eva-maria[at]osmosnetwork.com