Stakeholders + the #CityMakers Summit (NL)

The 2016 City Makers Summit was headquartered in Amsterdam’s compound of creativity – Packhuis De Zwijger*.  On the final day of the event, OSMOS’s Adrian Hill gave a workshop on stakeholders.  Here are a few words on the event and a summary of the workshop.


The summit – four days of Dutch urban cunning

Most conferences are terribly academic and most academics will happily say that the most productive part of a conference is during the cocktail session.  The City Makers Summit* ruled out the drudgery of a passive summit and got straight to business in a refreshing and entertaining way.  Day 1* (we meet) began with informal talks and a play.  Day 2* (we connect) sent everyone onto trains to all corners of the lowlands. Day 3* (we learn) focused on a number of bike based tours in Amsterdam and finished with an overview of the impressive FabCity in front of the Cruise terminal. Only was it on Day 4* (we act) where we had almost the chance to sit and chew the fat, but again the talks were participative, engaging and wonderfully nourishing.  The vibe was rich, the content was enriching with enthusiastic participants from across Europe.  We were utterly impressed and full of praise for the team.  We’re looking forward to the 2017 event in Athens.  See more at


Day 4 – Stakeholders workshop

During the last session of the final day, OSMOS gave a short workshop on stakeholders, discussing the Penta-helix model within the context of transversal planning.  Some fifteen people attended, which allowed us to play a round of the Porte de Ninove stakeholders game and have a discussion with others – some with a lot of experience with stakeholders.  Below is an edited version of the presentation.