the poster

  • Time needed: 30 minutes- 3 hours, depending on the level of research.
  • Participants: 4-8 people.

Posters are a great way to sum up an issue.  It forces the group to represent the heart of their topic quickly while solidifying their ideas.  The poster is a sketch – a proposal.  Making give one a sense of accomplishment and investment in their ideas.  It also forces one to think through their ideas, what is called ‘reseach by design’ or ‘action learning’.

OSMOS poster 1

Everyone has the capacity to write and draw.  The challenge is that few people have experience in graphic design and making posters therefore a blank page can be quite challenging.  Above we have set out the basic contents of a poster.  This being:

  • A title, essentially a mission statement summed up into a few works.
  • A short description that sums up the discussion that has occurred within the group.
  • A diagram showing either the relationship between other groups, or what their group will do.

It may be necessary to establish the expected contents and to help the group have some clear expectations.  This will not limit their creativity but rather give them a starting point – starting with a blank page can be daunting!  The following is a very generic outcome of a possible poster.

OSMOS poster 2