The quarries of Malaga (ES)

The hilly topography along the coast south of the touristic centre of Malaga lies a number of quarries that have either been abandoned or are in the process of being abandoned.  The quarries contributed stone and gravel to the rapid coastal development that occurred over the last half century but have likewise left enormous scars in the landscape and creek systems that fill with silt after intense rainfall eventsOSMOSMalaga

The sites evidently require a vast amount of remediation to avoid further run-off and some soil stabilisation.   One option is simply to replant the area and pretend to return it to its former environmental condition.  Another perspective is to admit that the site has been radically transformed by man, look for ways of managing the environmental problems while exploring options that could have a much longer social-economic benefit.

OSMOS will be exploring this with Malagueños Bio-Azul and the Fundacion Rizoma.