Our approach

We help to understand, design and develop projects to address complex sustainability challenges. We develop social, environmental and economic transitions through fostering cooperation. Our work focuses around three services.

Define stories

All changes start with an idea. Ideas illustrate how an alternative reality could look like. They give direction. Stories represent and communicate those ideas as a narrative. Stories inspire people, bring them together and build momentum for action. Architects call this a plan. Planners call this a vision. Politicians call it policy. Increasingly stories need to be written together and be meaningful for a wide range of people.

Osmos helps define stories with:

  • User research & engagement
  • Systemic research & design
  • Service design  
  • Masterplanning & programming
  • Business models & financing

Facilitate collaborations

Critical for any change to become reality is the collaboration between many people and organisations. Collaboration may feel natural, but overcoming tensions, solving problems and crises while remaining engaged, requires craft and soft skills.

Osmos facilitates collaborations through:

  • Project development
  • Strategic communication
  • Prototyping
  • Business development

Grow communities

Strong communities are an important foundation for sustainability. Communities can be found in cities and neighbourhoods, in businesses and online. Healthy communities will be built on good governance. This could include faith in leadership, the capacity for change and collective growth and on shared principles. 

Osmos helps grow communities by:

  • Building governance models
  • Project and process mediation
  • Facilitation of events & meetings
  • Training & skills development

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