Our organisation

We’re Osmos, we design and develop transitions towards a sustainable future. In a perfect world, we would not exist. But until then, we continue to support communities, businesses and public organisations in dealing with change.

About us

Osmos launched in 2015 as a transdisciplinary and mission oriented organisation. We grew out of the need for a ‘bridging actor’ to support local economies. We’re now focused on empowering communities, strengthening places and facilitating efficient use of resources. 


We want to create meaningful transitions to a sustainable future. We believe that any change should be inclusive, adaptive and where possible self organising. We also believe that change requires leadership, which may start from within. Therefore, we aim for sustainable long-term outcomes, where ultimately our services will no longer be needed. 


These key ideals currently drive us:

  • Sustainability through empowerment.  We believe that sustainability should be inclusive and participative. 
  • Impactful innovation. We aim for innovation that addresses a clearly identified need.  
  • Going further, together. Transitions should not be a lonely adventure, we cherish the opportunity to collaborate. 
  • Finding authentic messages. Humans are story-tellers, we look for messages that resonate amongst stakeholders and help drive action. 
  • Adapting to change. We’re looking for ways to convert disruptive change into positive outcomes. 

What we mean by sustainability

We see sustainability is both a process and an outcome. Sustainable communities and organisations are those that are built on strong cooperation and capacity to collaborate. It is facilitated by developing projects or solving problems. Sustainable communities and organisations will look for long-term outcomes, for ways that they can minimise impact on the environment, that will be economically viable and will result in healthy and resilient people and communities.

How do we work

We take a systemic approach to any problem. In practice, this means that we start with analytical research based on literature and a grounded understanding of the place, context and the actors. We then engage in a design and solutions oriented approach. Our working process is open and agile, looking to test and prototype in order to find sustainable outcomes.  

About the team

At our core we’re a cast of designers, planners and researchers. In practice we’re generalists, but we all have a rich set of practical experiences in economics, business, sociology, psychology, architecture, urbanism, graphic design…  We build on a network of experts with academic expertise across a range of areas. We come from very different backgrounds and speak a wide range of languages. Ultimately we hope we’re people you’d like to share a drink with.

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