A vision for Manziana (IT)

The Solfatara is a project that we have been developing since 2014 with local partners BIC Lazio and the Università Agraria di Manziana.  After extensive onsite research and a co-creation workshop (March 2016), we have developed the vision for the site, a first step towards the redevelopment of the site that is community back and community driven.   The vision document (below) outlines our objectives.

The Solfatara di Manziana sits between two places: a town and a forest. It is located next to a regional road connecting the lake of Bracciano to Rome and is in sight of many casual visitors. The site is managed by the Università Agraria (an organisation that manages a common), however could host activities that are very different from the Università’s normal responsibility. It is a site that has been under the careful watch of thousands of neighbours, yet inaccessible as it was once either industrial or contaminated. There is little money floating around, yet much community enthusiasm to do something on the site. What will become of the Solfatara and how? What is the programme? How will it be developed? How will it be managed? How will the community be engaged? This document describes the transversal planning process used over the course of a year to better understand the site’s challenges, help define opportunities, create conditions for co-creation and help to define the next steps. This document is not a master plan, but a synthesis of opportunities. The result can be broken down into three key themes for the site: 1) gateway between the forest and Manziana, 2) an agricultural innovation hub and 3) a renewable energy station. These themes now require further research and development to commit to concrete steps forward.

The document below describes the full story: