Osmos is driven by three key challenges.

Humans must find better ways to integrate our built environments into our natural surroundings. We must find ways to source natural resources that do not impact ecosystems. We must feed the world, without devouring the planet.

/// Sectors include: nature-based solutions, (urban) forestry and (urban) agriculture.

Isolation, mental health and community health are impacted by the quality of public space, shared facilities and community services. The future of humanity depends on robust, diverse and accessible place-based and virtual communities.

/// Osmos supports sectors such as: public domain planning, urbanism and community services.


Global production systems and poor accountability for waste are resulting in dramatic environmental consequences. Cities and communities depend on production to innovate. We must build regenerative production systems, based on locally available resources and knowledge.

/// Osmos supports sectors such as: (urban) manufacturing, the productive city and circular resource management.

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