Adrian Vickery Hill

Adrian is a researcher, designer and planner in the broadest sense.  He is interested in processes and tools for transversal planning: connecting economic, spatial and participatory dimensions of complex problems or projects. He takes a systemic approach to problem solving, coupled with user centred design techniques and spatial planning skills. Adrian has a background in environmental planning and urbanism with experience in communications, research and strategy.

Over the last decade, Adrian has worked in projects ranging from urban scale sustainability, mobility, agriculture, eco-systems planning, renewable energy networks, housing, urban density, industry and material cycles.  He was born in Canada, raised in Australia and Latin America and calls Brussels home.

Adrian is a freelance planner, collaborates with BUUR* (urban planning), active with the Urban Ecology Centre in Brussels and project managing a 2.5 year EU funded research project on re-industrialising European Cities with Latitude*.  He is a co-founder of the OSMOS Network and is based in Brussels (BE).

Email: adrian[at]

Photo by Agnese Samà.