Stakeholder based innovation in Malaga (ES)

A stakeholder workshop, hosted at the recently inaugurated Centre Pompidou in Malaga (ES).  The event consisted of some 30 participants from across Malaga’s business, academic, professional, administrative and residential community.  OSMOS was involved in framing the story on local economy and innovation.

The workshop was essentially the test of a stakeholder focused adaptation of the very popular Business Model Canvas.  This method was very effective in focusing participants on the problem at hand while revealing some quite evident opportunities.

The approach followed three steps:


1. analysis

The first step essentially outlined the problem area.  Some information was suggested however it really forced the group the synthesise their local knowledge.  This didn’t expose any evident outcomes however drew together collective knowledge.


2. The character of the user/s

Here we really dug deeply into the mind of the individual user (or in this case the resident).  It involved describing what this person (or community) was saying, doing, thinking, feeling, their fears and dreams.  It explored their needs and exposed those that were not available.  It concluded with asking about correct actions.  These actions evidently could be turned into products – products may be services, places, organisations, strategies and so on.


3. The Business model

The final step followed the logic of the Business Model Canvas to test or elaborate the ideas proposed in the previous step.

While it was a short and quick exercise, taking some 90 minutes, it exposed some fantastic ideas.  One such idea focused on a strategy to win back a space for local residents within the tourist focused town that made life impossibly expensive.

The event was hosted by ProMalaga with the Fundación CIEDES and the Función Rizoma.