Urban Ecology Centre BXL

The Urban Ecology Centre BXL is a non-profit and community based organisation that is closely connected to OSMOS: in spirit and in practice. Where OSMOS looks through an economic lens that involve the flows of goods and resources, Urban Ecology sees the world as a large ecological system managed by local custodians.


More precisely:

The Urban Ecology Centre is a Brussels-based laboratory for ecological action in the widest sense. It strives to develop forms of work and life that attenuate the negative and increase the positive impact on the environment and society. We believe that being informed is not enough – we feel that it is time to act. Urban ecology implies that everybody becomes active, including city folks. The Urban Ecology Centre aims to blend words and actions, to blur the line between manual and intellectual work. The Centre is a platform for experimentation and an independent space for public debate on societal questions. The objective is to share and to invite people to engage with ecological issues and actions, to project them onto all spheres of society (home, work, rural, spiritual…). Our activities cover numerous topics – transport, food, culture, work, consumption, leasure, education, etc – because ecology is not a segmented discipline: it touches upon our behaviour in general. The Centre functions as a non-governmental organisation controlled by the people that work and live in it.”

‘Operation Phosphor’* is an example of one of their projects on community based and grass-roots management of organic waste.  Organic waste is a major part of domestic waste and at present is mainly incinerated. Organic waste is very easy to manage and can have a great benefit for local communities if put into use.  We have mentioned a larger study through the ULB + VUB universities and Brussels Region that explores this more seriously, see here.  

OSMOS’s Stephan Kampelmann is a director while Adrian Hill, Seda Mejias, Diego Luna and others in the network have volunteered or contributed to the Centre.  Head to their website for more information*.