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Facilitator for Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Capacity building for the Region of Brussels’ environmental agency to improve the sustainability of neighbourhood scale projects.

Project: Facilitator for Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Client: Bruxelles environnement | Leefmilieu Brussel

Year: 2018-2021

Partners included: BUUR

Location: Brussels


Team: Adrian Hill, Hanne Van Reusel

Sector: Public space & community

Services: Facilitation of events, Governance models, User research engagement, Strategic communication

Why? The Region of Brussels is undergoing a number of highly complex urban development projects, presenting a vast range of opportunities to improve conditions in the city. Years of poorly integrated projects, popularised internationally by the term ‘Brusselisation’, have particularly resulted from a lack of collaboration amongst public institutions, insufficient vision and a lack of capacity to deal with complex problems.


What? Osmos was a partner of the Facilitator for Sustainable Neighbourhoods team. The facilitators’ role was developed to provide a holistic vision on urban development based on ten themes to allow Brussels’ regional institutions and local municipality to collaborate in defining their ambition and expectations. Furthermore, through a bespoke analysis and evaluation tool, developers and designers are provided clear guidelines to ensure their projects can address a wide range of sustainability ambitions. We helped build the online platform, define the communication strategy, support with institutional collaboration and strategic projects.

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