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Mission Janus

Co-creating the ecological and equity-based transition of the COCOF schools

Project: Mission Janus

Client: Commission communautaire française (COCOF)

Year: 2019

Partners included: Centre d’ecologie urbaine

Location: Brussels

Team: Adrian Hill and Hanne Van Reusel

Sector: Public space & community

Services: Facilitation of events, Strategic communication, Systemic & service design, Governance models

Why?   We were commissioned to design a visionary masterplan to outline a more sustainable direction for nine of the COCOF’s schools. These are spread over 5 campuses within Brussels and host about 7000 elementary and high school students. It is a breeding ground from which a more ecological and inclusive livelihood can grow.

What?  In collaboration with the COCOF’s decision-makers, the institution’s transition team, teachers, staff and students we developed a shared vision for the sustainable transition. Within a process of 9 months, we set up concrete actions, leveraged existing initiatives and proposed a scenario for the ecological and social transition on the middle and long term.

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