We believe there are plenty of good ideas that go to waste – we believe in iterative learning by doing. By helping companies, government and community organisations put theory into practice, we facilitate reliable proof of concepts and provide more confidence in the way a possible solution will work.

Business development.

We help bring together funding, financing and other resources to get the project started, whether it is for a start-up company, an established company, a governmental service reform or the development of a public space.

Strategic communications.

We focus on ensuring that the message fits the audience in terms of accessibility, comprehension, inclusivity and authenticity. We help translate design concepts into a narrative which can be communicated to a wide audience to build momentum and avoid essential information from getting lost in translation.


We help create a testable model which can subsequently be iterated on. Prototyping can also include an evaluation or indicator system to test success.


We help start projects by ensuring that business development, strategic communication and prototyping are aligned.

Our insights on process management

Designing means not ends

/// Publication
Humanity has a good idea of what a sustainable future looks like, but struggles to get there. Process Design – an Explorer’s Guide


The wood of the Sonian Forest

/// Case study
Cities produce vast amounts of resources, much of which goes under used or overlooked. Case study: The Sonian Wood Coop

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