Osmos supports and facilitates communities in dialogue, to create a dialogue and align interests. We facilitate the creation of a dynamic movement where constructive individual and community goals can be achieved more easily. Communities can be engaged around a shared problem or a local project.

Governance models.

We design governance structures based on self-organisation principles, providing the foundations for communities to collaborate.

Facilitating events and meetings.

We work as moderators during events and meetings as well as helping you plan your meeting.

Project and process mediation.

We help address tensions and potential obstacles amongst different stakeholders, looking for common ground and to break deadlocks.


We support citizens, public authorities, businesses and research organisations with methods and tools for participations.

Our insights on engagement


The wood of the Sonian Forest

/// Case study
Cities produce vast amounts of resources, much of which goes under used or overlooked. Case study: The Sonian Wood Coop

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