As humanity becomes ever more urban, we become more alienated from natural environments and ecosystems. Humanity has always relied on natural ecosystems and dynamics. Osmos believes that we need to build a closer and tighter bond with natural ecosystems. We can find inspiration in nature through the way it builds and manages environments. Osmos supports companies, organisations and communities to explore these natural ecosystems, in managing resources or in bringing nature closer into our lives for health, wellbeing and constructive interactions amongst people. 

​​Urban forestry.

Urban forests are a refuge for wildlife and places for rest and recreation. But they also can supply urban areas with a vital carbon-positive material: timber. Osmos is interested in dealing with the tensions between urban forests as a place for nature, health and wellbeing and as an important local resource.

Nature based solutions.

Urban areas have a huge impact on the environment. Osmos explores solutions inspired by nature or opportunities to bring nature closer to cities.  

Urban agriculture.

We consider urban agriculture essential for providing food, offering meaningful jobs, managing organic matter and building communities. Osmos helps to define and develop urban agriculture that offers local value and impact.

Our insights on ecosystems

Connecting Nature

/// Project
A European research program (H2020) developing nature based solutions: ‘bringing nature to cities and cities to nature’.


Designing means not ends

/// Publication
Humanity has a good idea of what a sustainable future looks like, but struggles to get there. Process Design – an Explorer’s Guide

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