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Connecting Nature

A European research program (H2020) developing nature based solutions: ‘bringing nature to cities and cities to nature’.

Project: Connecting Nature

Client: European Commission

Year: 2017-2022

Partners included: Trinity College Dublin | Horizon NUA | Stad Genk | Glasgow City Council | City of Poznan

Location: Europe

Team: Adrian Hill,Eric Haas, Francesca Gualino, Hanne Van Reusel, Julia Rocha, Laurens Van der Cruyssen, Marco Kooistra, Stephan Kampelmann and Toha de Brant

Sector: EcosystemsPublic space & community

Services: Systemic & service design, Governance models, Business model & financing, User research engagement, Training programs, Skills development, Leadership & management mentoring

Why? Cities are a source of huge environmental impact while also being vulnerable to increasingly extreme climate conditions. Nature can be a source of solutions and bringing nature into cities can also help dealing with numerous environmental, social and economic issues. Nature Based Solutions (NBS) is the term used to cover a wide range of nature related interventions ranging from eco-systems services (such as the value of wetlands) to biomimicry (like natural cooling systems). Questions are emerging regarding how NBS can offer economic and social opportunities that are more effective than conventional approaches.

What? This project brings together some 35 partners from across Europe (and beyond), exploring technical, financial, social and financial conditions for Nature Based Solutions. Osmos’s role is to help bridge between the academic partners, the SMEs and the eleven city partners.

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