Michael Kaethler

The focus of Michael’s work may come across as simple – what is or generates “meaning“.  Actually this is one of the fundamental driving factors behind what motivates change.  Meaning can be illogical, emotional, intuitive and driven by the heart.  However meaning is a much stronger motivator than rational, common sense.   One is unlikely to stop eating sugar, even though it is clear that it is not wonderful for one’s health. This is a central challenge for OSMOS, as we attempt to discern what is relevant and what drives change.

Michael is a curator, however explores how curating can be applied outside of conventional exhibition settings.  He has a diverse background.  He initially studied political science and social anthropology.  He has also a masters degree in Slavonic literature and film.  More recently he completed a masters in urban design and spatial planning on human settlement at KU Leuven.  Michael has spent the last decade in different research positions, primarily in conflict and post-conflict contexts from India to Latin America and Russia.  He has worked for a range of small and large organisations including the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation and peace-keeping efforts through the UN in Pakistan.

Michael is currently a Marie-Curie research fellow and doctoral researcher at KU Leuven using social epistemology to understand how knowledge works in design and art through the TRADERS program.

Michael K 04