Eric Haas

Eric is a dynamic thinker, has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves team development based on collective value.  He is a keen listener, a diplomatic facilitator and impassioned communicator: qualities that make him a great asset for co-creation.  Eric’s passions are (social) innovation and urban development with a focus on strategy, business development and entrepreneurship. He is quick to grasp core problems, while quick to present viable ideas that are supported by two decades of business experience.

Apart from his commitment to OSMOS he is a business developer and strategist with Green Concepts* – with partners and clients such as a.o. Spaceandmatter, Cultuurcompagnie Noord Holland, Red Concepts, Landschap Noord Holland, Natuurmonumenten, Government Buildings Agency, Kastanje Development, BOEI, Municipality of Amsterdam and The Hague, Rabobank Nederlands, the Dutch Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Mitros, Ymere, Pentascope and Conclusion.  He also works closely with the Lupacompany (strategy and finance), PlantageLAB (urban agriculture) and Spontanaous City International (urban planning).

Eric is based in Amsterdam (NL).  Say hello at eric[at]