Laurens Van der Cruyssen

Growing up in Brussels in one of Europe’s most culturally diverse neighbourhoods, between Dutch and French, the grandson of butchers and entrepreneurs who lived for years as a vegetarian and dreamt to be a humble baker only to have an allergy to fine dust – Laurens was well prepared for a PhD in psychology researching personality traits and stereotypes.  While his academic research delved deeply into the dark side of the mind, in practice Laurens brings a solid base for reading how people react in social contexts and spatial conditions.  This is a powerful skill when exploring group dynamics and delicate situations, where personal tensions get in the way of constructive discussions.  Laurens also brings a sage eye for strategy, a delicate ear for communications, great patience and interest in almost anything, thus making him an essential part of a multi-disciplinary team dealing complex problems.

As a lapsed psychologist, an occasional lecturer and after a stint as visiting professor at UGent (BE), he is now moving into visual communication and interaction design.  In his spare time he is one of the strategic minds pushing for outdoor swimming environments in Brussels with the dynamic Pool is Cool* team.

Laurens is based in Brussels (BE).  Say hello at laurens[at]